Day Program Services for 521 or 525 Program Participants

Families who are currently part of the 525 or 521 waiver programs may be eligible for payment for providing day program services during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For 521 Program Participants

If your family member has a 521 certification and their day services are currently through The Moore Center:

What to do: Work with Michael Drumm or Katelyn Meagher to set up a budget and outline the payment process.  Families are paid via stipend for providing specific day program services. Stipends may be subject to taxation so, as always, we suggest you consult your tax accountant for advice regarding this matter.

If your family member has a 521 certification and their day services are through an external vendor:

What to do: Contact your vendor as it is up to the vendor if they want to hire or contract with family members.

Requirements for all family members receiving payment for providing day services:

  • Completion of on-line training            
  • Documentation (will be explained): Daily notes, monthly progress note, HRST note, LOS sheet
  • Service Agreements should be amended to note that temporarily CPS services are being provided within the home due to the Covid 19 emergency, and should note that health and safety will be the focus of the services.
  • Activities completed under a day certification cannot be activities that families are already required to do. These activities must be in addition to the agreed upon services already being provided in the home.

For 525 Program Participants

If your family member has a 525 cert, you can get paid no matter if there is a vendor.

Because it is participant-directed, the family can decide if they want to do the paperwork and get paid.

For more information or to participate in these programs, please contact:

Michael Drumm:
Email: Email Michael 
Phone: 603 206-2852

Katelyn Meagher:
Email: Email Katelyn
Phone: 603 206-2834