The Moore Center Family Support Council

The Moore Center Family Support Council (FSC) provides support, education, funding, and resources to families who have children with Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Disorder. The FSC strives to empower caregiving families so that they may become more creative in their use of resources and develop a proactive approach to determining the best way to meet their needs, while encouraging as much independence as possible. 

The FSC, originally formed in 1988 when it was known as the Regional Parent Advisory Committee, is made up of family members and individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Disorder. The FSC serves as an advisory group to The Moore Center and is represented on the agency’s board of directors. The FSC has participated in the Moore Center’s redesignation survey and works closely with The Moore Center’s Family Support department. The FSC distributes family support council funds and other resources per State Statute N.H. Code Admin. R. He-M 519.05.

Learn About Financial Assistance Through The Moore Center Family Support Council

FSC Financial Support 

The FSC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM, where members discuss current events and challenges and assess how the FSC can assist in improving the quality of life for families who have children with Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Disorder. In addition to general topics, the FSC has committed to placing a special focus on Life Planning and Alternative Housing Options, and has created two committees tasked with further exploration. 

Meet Maria Seiper, Chair of the Family Support Council

Family Support Council Intro

Spring Message

There are four channels that the FSC utilizes to fulfill our mission:

1. Emotional Support:  

FSC members connect with one another at meetings and share stories and challenges, offer similar experiences and outcomes, and offer emotional support

2.  Informational Resources: 

The FSC promotes awareness about local organizations that focus on activities and supports for people with disabilities. Examples are listed below: 

Moore Center Activities, Information, and Updates – here are some examples:

  • Meet and Greet Our New CEO, Janet Bamberg
  • COVID Restrictions and Vaccine Updates
  • Case Management and Employment Presentations
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Various grants and programs available to families    

3. Education and Training Sessions:

The FSC brings in experts to provide training and educational sessions on topics such as educational advocacy, life transitions and guardianship, and often extends trainings to all families. Examples include:

  • Charting a Life Course, Barbara Didona, The Moore Center
  • Communications Tools, Barbara Didona, The Moore Center
  • Guardianship Workshop, Atty. Michael Chamberlain
  • Guardianship, Atty. John Kitchen
  • Adult Residential Placement, Ellie Cochran – Residential Options for Adults outside the family home, Panel Discussion

4. Direct Financial Assistance:

The FSC utilizes funds in a way that best supports the needs of our families. This may include social and recreational events, as well as direct financial assistance to families. Below is a list of past financial support, which is expected to continue pending available funding.

  • Funding to support parent/guardian respite
  • Financial support for individuals to support the NH Leadership program – Institute on Disability
  • Partial scholarships for individuals and families to attend the Family Support Conference
  • Up to $600 per year per family for an individual to attend various summer camps
  • Legal aid for educational advocacy and guardianship
  • Financial support to assist families in emergency situations
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Holiday Baskets & Holiday Gift Giving

Read more about financial assistance through The Moore Center Family Support Council here:
FSC Financial Assistance Program 

Come Join Us!

If you would like to learn more about the Family Support Council or attend one of our meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM (held via Zoom), please contact us at th************@nh*************.org

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Family Support Council Members

Here are the Family Support Council Members:

Maria Sieper, ChairMichele Petersen, Vice Chair/Treasurer
Michelle Reischer, Secretary
Maureen Rose-Julian, Senior Vice President – Moore Center Representative

Ellen Boudreau
Julie CyrDonna EdgarWilliam EdgarDenise FayHeidi HamerTennille Irish
Maddy Mandelbaum
Chris MarchandCherrie MurraySusan PiecuchAndrew SmelliePattie SmellieDenise St. Onge