The Moore Center’s Clinical Services

Who We Are

The Moore Center’s Clinical Services Department is comprised of a team of Applied Behavior Analysts, Master’s level and Licensed Social Workers/Mental Health Counselors, Masters level interns, two group treatment homes, Clinical Specialists and Consultants. 

What We Do

Our behavioral team receives referrals to evaluate individuals in their natural environments. Through record reviews and data gathering, behaviorists can better support individuals and teams toward improved behavioral regulation, resulting in an improved quality of life and enhanced independence. 

The Moore Center’s therapeutic services team is one of a kind!  I’ve worked with them with many individuals under guardianship who also have intellectual disabilities. The therapeutic and intellectual disability-focused support has changed my individuals’ lives and provided them with skills that they continue to access. I always think of The Moore Center when someone with ID would benefit from therapy.

Anna Stout - Public Guardian

Specialized Treatment

Therapists and Clinical Specialists provide individual therapy, therapeutic and skills groups, and clinical consultation to clients with dual diagnosis who may struggle with symptoms of mental illness or who are processing difficult, dynamic issues in their lives. 

While therapy services are offered from the region’s community mental health centers, we have found that clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities often benefit from modalities other than talk therapy by trained clinicians, including adapted DBT through art and evidence-based skills groups.

Residential Treatment Options

The Clinical Services department operates a residential treatment program for clients who require vigilant supervision and structured support at home and in the community, while seeking to learn new skills and expand their independence.

We also operate a temporary placement program for those individuals who may be suddenly displaced from their homes for reasons beyond their control. 

We Work Closely With Community Partners

Members of our Clinical Services department also facilitate a Local Risk Management Committee, a Human Rights Committee and participate in the Statewide Risk Management Committee and the Statewide Community of Practice. 

Our Local Risk Management Committee reviews expert evaluations and from those develops individualized plans to mitigate risk for clients and their service providers while optimal treatment recommendations are monitored. The department provides risk management plan writing and training. 

The Human Rights Committee meets monthly to review any restrictions in place for our clients to be sure that they are least restrictive and aligned with progress in treatment, better outcomes and improved quality of life.

The Moore Center’s Clinical Services department offers training internally and externally, and collaborates with local law enforcement agencies to offer specialized training and relationship building. We also host master’s level interns, provide supervision for therapists working towards licensure within the state of NH, collaborate with local agencies – such as the YWCA and Greater Manchester Mental Health – and act as a liaison to New Hampshire Hospital. Our training and collaborations cover topics such as:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • Risk management related topics
  • Dual diagnoses

Testimonial: Working with partners to take on challenging individuals with complex behavioral needs

I have worked with The Moore Center’s Clinical Services team for many years. They’re known for taking on challenging individuals with complex behavioral needs. The individual I serve had struggled for decades with hoarding, false reporting, verbal and physical aggression. The Moore Center met with the individual and their support team at time to identify the needs and challenges, along with getting all medical and service stakeholders on board for a safe and successful transition. 

In the service delivery system, when a challenging individual moves, especially with new expectations and boundaries in the program, we attempt to support them with a crisis plan and ensure staffing is trained and prepared. The Moore Center’s program manager and clinical team worked quickly with the existing behaviorist to train on a complex behavior plan within a day of the move. This minimized the amount of early transition incidents. They are very collaborative, competent and proactive, and this has provided my individual a quality program that she has never experienced.

I highly recommend The Moore Center’s Clinical Services team to anyone in the service delivery system. 

Teresa A. Gustavson, M.A., NCG
Guardian Supervisor
Office of Public Guardian
Concord, NH 

Get in Touch! We Accept Referrals

If you have a loved one in need of clinical services, or if you know of a client who would benefit form our services, please contact us. Our Clinical Services team accepts referrals for services within a 40 minute radius of Manchester, NH. We serve individuals in the State of New Hampshire, but residing within the cities/towns served by The Moore Center as an Area Agency is not a requirement.