Community Spotlight

The Moore Center touches thousands of families in the greater Manchester area. Our Community Spotlight initiative is an on-going program to provide interviews with employees, supporters and families to help you understand the full scope of our organization. 


Community Spotlight with Jen Meyer

Jen Meyer, Director of The Moore Center’s Community-Based Services Program, discusses what her program is all about and how it benefits those we serve.

Community Spotlight – Jonas Klemm

Jonas plays an instrumental role in finding talented people to work closely with our clients. He discusses some of the details involved in helping clients lead a full life while beginning a rewarding career in human services.

Community Spotlight with Chet Bobola

Chet Bobola, Director of The Moore Center’s Residential and Nursing Services, discusses his program and how it works with a network of families to provide not only a home, but to help create opportunities for a good life for individuals with developmental disabilities and/or acquired brain disorders.

Community Spotlight – Diane Bolduc

Diane Bolduc, M.Ed., The Moore Center’s Regional Director, Family-Centered Early Supports & Services (FCESS), describes our Early Intervention program and the difference it makes for the families we serve. It’s a very comprehensive program and her team of specialists focuses on a family-centered, trans-disciplinary approach, while also providing coaching to parents along the way.

Community Spotlight – Kate Freeman & Carolyn McAllister

Kate & Carolyn discuss The Moore Center’s behavioral health services and our emergency temporary placement program to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in crisis situations.

Community Spotlight – Miranda Brown & Melanie Gerrior

Miranda and Melanie discuss The Moore Center’s Employment Services program and how we work to find employment for those we serve. They also discuss what’s involved in the on-going support of employees and employers in the program. For more info visit

Community Spotlight – Celia Calkins & Shauna Bourgeois

Celia and Shauna discuss The Moore Center’s Case Management team and how case managers work with families and clients to ensure they get the services they need to thrive.

Community Spotlight – Tricia Haines

Tricia works in our ETP (Emergency Temporary Placement) program. She works with individuals with varying needs and discusses the importance of having a strong team of varied backgrounds to effectively meet the needs of those we serve.

Community Spotlight – Alex & Tyler

Our DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) develop special relationships with their clients, as you can see with Alex and Tyler. They’ve worked together for over 2 years and it’s obvious from their interaction that their relationship is mutually respectful and rewarding.


Community Spotlight – Kim Hanson

Kim Hanson, General Manager, Fairfield Inn, Hooksett, NH talks about her 2 wonderful years of experience in employing clients of The Moore Center. Her advice to other employers is well worth listening to! 

Community Spotlight with Kerriann Catlaw

Kerriann Catlaw is the CEO and Co-Founder of OrthoCare. She talks about her wonderful experience in employing clients of The Moore Center.

Community Spotlight – Piper Runnion Bareford

The Moore Center has been working with the Manchester Community Music School for over 10 years. Piper discusses the various programs her organization offers to provide fun and therapy for our clients.

Community Spotlight – Brianna Hayward & Kenneth Walker

Brianna manages our Moore JOBS Internship Program which provides hands-on training to clients in preparation for employment. Ken is the Director of the Academic Resource Center at St. Anselm College and is working with our Moore JOBS program to offer much-needed custom classroom training for interns to compliment their hands-on experience.

Community Spotlight – Lisa Plotnik, MD

Dr. Plotnik specializes in serving the developmentally disabled population and discusses the challenges specific to providing patient care and supporting their families, as well as the importance of having family participate in the process.

Board Members

Community Spotlight with Arthur Sullivan

Arthur Sullivan, Principal, Brady Sullivan Properties and a Moore Center board member, discusses how and why he became involved with The Moore Center and how his support has grown over the years.

Community Spotlight with Dan Cronin

Dan Cronin, former Board Chairman, talks about why he supports The Moore Center. 

Community Spotlight – Heidi Copeland

Heidi runs The Moore Center’s HR Committee. Here she discusses issues around attracting top talent to the organization, including our ESL program which helps new immigrants become employees.

Community Spotlight – Rick Elwell

Rick discusses what drew him to become a member of The Moore Center’s Board of Directors and to help drive it’s important mission.

Community Spotlight – Michael Benton

Michael Benton, President/CEO Genavix and a former Moore Center board member, talks about his support for The Moore Center and his time on the Board of Directors.

Community Spotlight – Mary Ann Aldrich

Mary Ann Aldrich, Senior Advisor Community Relations for Dartmouth-Hitchcock, talks about her role in community relations and being on The Moore Center’s Board of Directors.