New Hampshire National Core Indicator (NCI) In-Person Surveys

The Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) is conducting the 2022/2023 New Hampshire National Core Indicator (NCI) In-Person Surveys. A Moore Center staff will be calling for consent to schedule an NCI survey with a CSNI trained surveyor/interviewer. 

What is the NCI Program?

NCI is a voluntary effort by state developmental disability agencies to track their performance using a standardized set of consumer and family surveys with nationally validated measures. The program is used to assess the quality and outcomes of services provided to individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders, and their families. NCI offers valid, reliable, person-centered measures that states use to demonstrate how publicly funded supports are impacting people’s lives and to determine where they can improve the quality of those supports.

Who are the NCI Partners?

NCI is coordinated by the National Association of State Directors of Developmentally Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) and the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI), in partnership with the NH Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS), Community Support Network Inc. (CSNI) and NH’s Area Agencies.

Who participates in the NH 2022-2023 Survey?

CSNI trained and experienced surveyors will be conducting the survey remotely via Zoom, and respondents will include 400 NH individuals ages 18 and over who receive supports through the NH Bureau of Developmental Services and NH’s 10 Area Agencies (R7- 62 surveys).

What does NCI Measure?

NCI Surveys help states measure important elements of person-centered planning, outcomes and satisfaction in domains such as:

  • Self Determination
  • Service Coordination & Access
  • Relationships & Community Inclusion
  • Employment Status & Goals
  • Health, Welfare & Safety

Other Important Information?

  • All NH NCI Surveys will be done remotely
  • NH has developed a systemic approach to respond to any unmet needs identified during the interview
  • Participating in the interviews are voluntary

Looking for More Information?

Visit the National Core Indicators website:
State Contact: Tiffany Crowell, RN, Nurse Administrator: Ti***************@dh**.gov