Update: Medicaid Coverage and Continuous Enrollment

We wanted to share some information we received from DHHS about an important Medicaid update.  During the past two years, many people had their Medicaid automatically renewed by the state. As of April 1, 2023 beneficiaries can lose Medicaid coverage for failure to do redeterminations on a timely basis.  Things to consider:

  • Failure to complete redeterminations or respond to any DHHS requests for information will result in termination of Medicaid coverage.
  • DHHS has begun to send renewal notices and will continue over the next several months to those who must complete a redetermination or provide information to keep their coverage
  • These notices are on yellow paper or posted to individuals’ NH EASY accounts highlighted in yellow.

If you have questions about or lose your health insurance coverage, you have options! New Hampshire offers free enrollment assistance through NH Navigator programs. Navigators can help with private insurance or Medicaid. 

For additional details, including helpful names, email addresses, and phone numbers, please view the presentation below titled, “Medicaid Coverage and Continuous Enrollment” or visit the DHHS website for more details.

View the full presentation