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The main website for vaccine information in New Hampshire is On this website you can:

  • Determine if you qualify to be vaccinated
  • Register for an appointment to be vaccinated
  • View the Vaccine Plan Summary, including the various phases
  • View the Frequently Asked Questions
  • View the latest Covid-19 updates for the State of New Hampshire

Additional Helpful Info

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Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy 
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Vaccine Update

February 2, 2021

Good News!

We are excited to announce that we have worked with our public health partners to establish a closed site to administer vaccines to our eligible Moore Center community members.  Based on advice from the Department of Public Health, we will be conducting a trial closed site for The Moore Center employees eligible for 1a and 1b  that have not yet had their first shot. Assuming this trial is successful, we will set a date based on vaccine availability for a closed site clinic for individuals we serve in 1b category for whom a fixed site may not be accessible or ideal.

We are excited for the potential of expanding the scope of these closed site vaccinations and we will have more information to come, but we continue to stress that if you qualify for 1A/1B, please go to to register. 

Town Hall Meeting Recap

A Town Hall Meeting was held with Dr. Ballard and Dr. Talbot, and almost 300 family members and stakeholders attended.  There was a lot of good information presented about the vaccines and the meeting can be viewed here:

We understand that there were also many questions left unanswered, particularly around the process for receiving doctor’s confirmation of medical eligibility and the vaccine status of family caregivers for medically vulnerable individuals who over age 16.  Community Supports Network, Inc. (CSNI) is working closely with DHHS to get answers to those specific questions.

Medically Vulnerable Population

In the meantime, here is what we know.  Many health care provider agencies are working behind the scenes to identify those clients who should be prioritized in Phase 1B for the vaccine because of the increased risk of negative outcomes from COVID-19.  They are entering those patients’ information into the state vaccine data system, and are then reaching out to patients to let them know that they can register through the state website (  This process will take some time.  Many providers are alerting their patients that they are doing this.  If you have not heard from your health care provider yet and are concerned about whether you have been entered into the system, a resource you can use is the form found here: This form can be completed by you and your healthcare provider and scanned into the system during the registration process.

Family Caregivers of Medically Vulnerable Adults

In terms of those of you providing services to your family members over the age of 16, we know that you have questions about where you fit in the vaccine schedule if you do not fit the age and medical requirements for 1A and 1B.  We are continuing to advocate for your direct inclusion in the 1A/1B phases and will share information with you as we receive it.

Please remember that if you are over 65, the smoothest road to vaccination is registering through the state fixed sites at

We are adding a vaccine webpage to to provide you one-stop access to state vaccine information.  Expect to receive the link to that later this week as it is currently under construction.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQ on the state website. This is continually updated and your best source of the latest information on all things vaccine-related.