Rising Stars at Canobie LakeBy:  Pat B.

On June 20th, Rising Stars went to Canobie Lake Park. This was the end to our year and our fund raising activities paid for this day. There were 30 Rising Stars participants who went along with some family members and Moore Center support staff – so 46 in all went. They got there by bus and were there from 11:00 to 5:00. It was a nice day – not too hot though even with sun screen some people got sun burns while in the lines. Chet B. said he did not go on the rides but he kept an eye on everyone’s belongings as they rode. Everyone was impressed when Alan went on the Turkish Twist (the spinning ride where the floor drops away), many got soaked on the Boston Tea Party log ride, Keith went to see a show but others concentrated on the rides.  Lunch was included and everyone met and ate at the Italian restaurant and at 3:00 everyone gathered for ice cream. The group also took the boat cruise in the lake around the park. I wasn’t able to go but I heard from several members and from Chet that it was a fun day and everyone came back happy. Rising Stars is taking a break – I will be back in September, have a wonderful summer!