Our Career Development and Community Connections departments, also known as our Day Program, are now the proud owners of seven new transportation vans! The vans are larger and safer, with glass windows all around the perimeter, improving visibility and making it much easier and safer for our staff to drive.

Even more features include back-up cameras and easier adjustments between wheelchair seating and regular seating. With our older vans, individuals who use wheelchairs were limited in the vans they could ride in, having to be transported in smaller groups. These new vans allow those using wheelchairs to travel in larger groups and in any van.

Our clients and staff are loving the vans both for the safety features and for the incredible visibility they provide, allowing everyone in the van to see where they are traveling to and enjoy the ride. One of our very excited clients said, “This is the best thing to happen to us in a long time!”

Safe, accommodating and reliable transportation is very important to our Career Development and Community Connections departments. We look look forward to traveling in these vans for many years to come, to job or volunteer sites, out and about in the community, pick up/drop offs and anywhere in between!