We’re Hiring! Early Childhood Educators

Position: Early Childhood Educator
Family-Centered Early Supports and Services

This is not your typical Early Childhood Educator position! Our team of specialists provides a more in-depth collaboration with families by working in their homes and natural environments, such as day care centers and in the community, using family-centered methods.

A Whole Family Approach

We do more than just work with children. With our whole family approach you’ll work one-on-one with children and their families – in their home and community – to ensure that we create an effective team model to provide support that goes beyond the direct time we spend with them.

Empowering Families

We work in a culturally diverse environment, coaching and collaborating with families in determining the appropriate strategies which they can incorporate into their daily routines in order to promote their child’s skills and abilities.  We also share information about available services and programs and support families in accessing them. Through our family-centered approach, we not only support families in facilitating their child’s ability to meet their developmental milestones, but we also empower families as they learn to advocate for themselves and their children.

You’ll also be working with a talented team of like-minded professionals who share their knowledge and experience in all areas of child development, including: motor, cognition/play skills, social-emotional, adaptive/self-help, and speech and language.

This team environment enables everyone to expand their skills in working with a diverse client base where you’re always learning something new.

Join Our Team!

If you’re an Early Childhood professional who’s tired of a routine, this is the position for you. It’s a challenging, yet very rewarding position that supports and guides families through the process of transitioning from Family-Centered Early Supports and Services to public preschool special education services, or other community-based preschool activities.

You’ll have flexibility in setting your schedule, typically visiting with 4 to 5 families per day. You’ll participate in the entire ESS process from initial evaluations to assisting in transitions into school services, including participating in IEP meetings. 

We’re looking for someone who is compassionate, well-organized, and professional to join our team. Feel free to email Amy Natale with any questions. To apply, please visit our Career Opportunities page.

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